In this page, all the environmental related key words and definitions are given. This will help who wants to understand environment related issues more deeply and sophisticated. The terms have been written in clear, simple language that is understandable even to non-specialists but is consistent with the complexity of the term itself. The terms are given alphabetically. Let’s see…..





A measure is taken for reducing or eliminating air or noise pollution, which may involve legislative proceedings and technological applications.


Non-biological ; thus an abiotic element is a physical or chemical feature of an ecosystem or environment.


Refers to the non-living components of the environment.


The removal of a surface layer, especially used for the melting and evaporation of the surface of ice, and also for the removal of loose surface material by the wind (deflation).


Refers to the abbreviation of alkyl benzene sulphonate.


Absolute Humidity:

The weight of the water vapor found in a unit volume of air. In the metric system, it may be defined as the number of grams of water vapor in a cubic meter of air.



Absolute Age:

The age of rock, mineral or fossil in years. It is found out as a radiometric age or by counting varies. Radiometric dating involves experimental errors, so such dates are usually expressed as a plus or minus error.



(1) A black material which absorbs heat from sunlight.

(2) An apparatus used in the process in which one material is employed to retain another.
Absorber are used for removing a gaseous or liquid material selectively from another gas or liquid. Usually, the process is performed in cylindrical towers packed with an absorbing material.


Absorber Plate:

A black-painted, flat piece of metal which absorbs sunlight, transforms it to heat by absorption, and in turn, radiates heat into the surrounding air and the cover. The absorber plate in a fluid-medium collector is usually constructed differently as it must contain the conduit or piping-circuit medium in the absorber. There are many designs, with copper and aluminum being the two most commonly used metals.



Absorbing Duct:

A tube which is used in a ventilator system for attenuating sound waves while offering low resistance to a continuous flow of air.