for invading Nations with superior conventional military

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canadian goose jacket Based on the reports in the canada goose jacket outlet store MSM the President is canada goose outlet eu dispatching the National Guard to our Southern Border. However, this will do very little as they are to be limited to assisting Federal Border Patrol and INS/Customs agents in their duties. I am appalled that the MSM has portrayed the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 as restricting the ability of our Military to secure our borders; too, engage criminal illegal alien canada goose outlet belgium traffic attempting to illegally enter our Nation. Gen. Black Jack Pershing commanded a Military Expeditionary Force of canada goose outlet black friday 5000. from March of 1916 until February of 1917 against incursions by illegal aliens along of our Southern Border. frequently crossing canada goose outlet location into Mexico, to roust the Mexican civilians and government agents/military. There was no conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act 1878 canada goose outlet online store then and there can be none now. for a similar mission. The US Military can be used to secure our borders against NON CITIZEN incursions/invasion. canada goose kensington parka uk against foreign nationals attempting to violate our borders and buy canada goose uk national security interests. The Military can be used to locate, apprehend, detain and deport, non us citizens, without violating the Posse Comitatus Act. canada goose outlet uk We must not allow the MSM to redefine the Posse canada goose outlet Comitatus Act. in order to present a false narrative regarding its application, thus denying our President the right to use our military to secure our borders. Treason may well be afoot here. Pres. Trump needs to take note and act accordingly. Gen. Pershing’s expeditionary force was not operating illegally and the Posse Comitatus Act has not changed since then. Our Military may take whatever force or actions necessary to secure our borders from illegal Mexican/Alien incursions. Finally, the President canada goose outlet london uk can legitimately declare a state of National Emergency along our Southern Border. designating a corridor, subject to limited ‘Martial Law’, for the purpose of repelling foreign invaders. illegal aliens, drug cartels, and international terrorist. He can designate a corridor several miles wide running from goose outlet canada the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. canada goose outlet legit I would remind the reader that asymmetrical warfare has as a principal tactic that uses mass migration. for invading Nations with superior conventional military forces. The US is experiencing asymmetrical warfare along its Southern border. This invasion is designed to overwhelm our government thru the use of mass migration. canada goose outlet boston Although it is not a conventional invasion it still meets the definition of an invasion. the purpose of which is to destroy or fundamentally transform our economy, culture, and government. canada goose outlet store uk declare a National Emergency, designate Marshal Law, and to dispatch the US Military with a mission to secure our Southern Border. using, whatever canada goose outlet in new york force is necessary. The Posse Comitatus Act does not official canada goose outlet restrict him from doing so. President Hayes dispatched Gen. Pershing and 5000 US Troops to do just that; they operated as canada goose outlet uk sale a border security force from March of 1916 to February of 1917 all along our Southern canada goose outlet los angeles Border. They were not simply logisticians or backup for civil law enforcement. federal or state. They were the primary force used to secure the border, actively applying our laws against foreign nationals. not US Citizens. RA NelsonCol. US Army (Ret.) canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale Note: The above comments are my personal opinion and don’t necessarily reflect those of the US Government or the Department canada goose jacket uk of Defense or any Branch of the US Military canada goose black friday sale.

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