If Kedrowski is leading a peak expedition

Christianity has a few places here and there that read like the NT was written by outsiders who had studied the OT enough that they thought they could make a good addition to it, but left clues here and their from not having grown up in it, causing those it was targeting to reject it as the 3rd party add on it was.One rabbi mentioned that of the 2 bloodlines Jesus was supposedly of, one was, per the OT, banned from producing “the” Messiah. That ban was later lifted, but in the Talmud, not the OT, so Jesus is not eligible.You can only get to heaven through Jesus, except remember one guy called Elijah.Satan, the accuser, the heavenly court prosecuting attorney is suddenly the big bad guy. (So why does God let Satan perform cruel tests on those loyal to him instead of telling Satan to fuck off?)Of course, it was several people work.

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