Investors dumped Facebook shares after the company reported

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Replica Hermes Bags It’s not as if Goodby, Silverstein Partners ever went away. It’s been right there on San Francisco’s California Street, toiling away on accounts such as Frito Lay, Adobe and Dodge Ram. You just didn’t hear much about them. It had become an article of faith on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley: Quarter after quarter, year after year, the world biggest technology companies would keep raking in new users and ever higher revenue, driving their share prices endlessly upward.This week, that myth was shattered. And investors responded Thursday by hammering the stock of Facebook, one of the world most valuable companies. Shares of the social media giant fell 19 per cent, wiping out roughly US$120 billion of shareholder wealth, among the largest one day destruction of market value that a company has ever suffered.Investors dumped Facebook shares after the company reported disappointing second perfect hermes replica quarter earnings, in which the hermes replica bracelet company warned of a sharp slowdown in sales growth in coming quarters along with rising spending on security and privacy enhancements.The sudden drop also amounted to a test of investor faith in the class of giant, technology focused stocks that have carried the market for much of the year.Before Facebook tumble, more than half the returns in the Standard Poor 500 index best hermes replica this year had been provided by just a handful of technology related stocks, said Savita Subramanian, an equity strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.In recent years, investors from individual traders to the world largest hermes blanket replica hedge funds have snapped up shares in these companies, which include Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google parent company, Alphabet. Replica Hermes Bags

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