What is the meaning Cyclone Mora

Why is the name of Cyclone “Mora” mora? Many have the curiosity about this. Mora is a deep depression over the Bay of Bengal. According to Indian Meteorological Department Mora is gaining strength and has further turned in a great storm. Mora is getting more severe during next 6 hours.
It will affect the southern and southeast part of Bangladesh, some part of India and Sri Lanka.

What is the meaning Cyclone Mora:

The name of the cyclone is given by Thailand. It is a Thai word. The meaning of the Mora cyclone is “star of the sea”.

From 1945, there is a system to give the name any cyclone in tropical areas. The names are predetermined. The system of naming storms (tropical cyclones) began years ago in order to supportin the quick description of storms in warning messages because names are assumed.It is assumed that annexing names to storms makes it easier for the media to report on tropical cyclones.
By this system, the upcoming cyclone in the tropical region is Ockhi, Sagar, Mekunu, Daye , Luban , Titli , Gigum and Phethai.

Here is the latest news about Cyclone Mora in Bay of Bengal……

Cyclone Mora in Bay of Bengal to intensify further, Heavy rains in Northeast India


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