The Tubbs fire trapped and killed 22 victims

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moncler outlet prices Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileSANTA ROSA, Calif. (KTVU) A Santa Rosa man, lauded as a hero during October firestorm, is being mourned after a fatal heart attack.Ralph Casale moncler outlet was only 52.His loss is being felt, not only by his family and friends, but a grateful community.”He really saved our lives and everyone else too,” said Gwen Moylan, a Fountain Grove neighbor of the Casales.Moylan house burned down October 8, along with the Casales property, and many others in a woodsy pocket of moncler outlet uk Parker Hill Road.The firestorm erupted suddenly, and late at night, and with little official warning, people barely got out ahead of the flames.The Tubbs fire trapped and killed 22 victims, but without Ralph Casale, the number almost certainly would have been higher.”They said you Ralph, you did a noble thing, ” read his widow Esther Casale from a neighbor handwritten note. “That night waking everyone up, you saved us, thank you.”On Wednesday Aug 8, Ralph Casale collapsed and died at the gym, despite efforts to revive him.He leaves behind a large and loving family, including his wife of 16 years, her two adult children he adopted, and the couple 14 year old son.And among his neighbors, he leaves a legacy.”We had no clue there was fire, no sound, no smell,” remembers Moylan. moncler outlet prices

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